Dear Friends & Guests

As many of you know we have hosted our Country Breakfasts twice a month every summer for two years now, and each one has been a fun time for us and we hope it has for you as well.
It is with great disappointment that we will no longer continue these breakfasts. As we have established our business as a Farmers Market, we believe now the Country Breakfast is slowly shifting focus away from our mission statement and ultimately our purpose-- to bring you farm fresh produce and flowers picked daily. Fresh and healthy produce and flowers has always been and will always continue to be our focus, and now we believe it is in our best interest to prioritize our purpose and continue forward.We will have more news on our upcoming newsletter.

For questions please call Bill 775-230-4065  E-Mail

We hope you can attend our last breakfast on

Saturday August 26th 8:00am-12:00pm.

Warmest Wishes,
Bill & Raquel(Rocky) Barth

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